Can You Cover A Tattoo with Microblading?

We frequently get asked can we cover a tattoo or old eyebrow microblading/tattoos by microblading over them. 

The short answer is sometimes. We try our best to help you out the best we can but we first need to see some pictures. If you have previous permanent makeup you want to be covered up you must email us a picture of your brows close up in good lighting with no makeup over top of them so the brows are super visible.

The Good News

Good news is we can usually microblade over previously tattooed eyebrows if they have lightened enough and the ink wasn’t implanted too deep into the skin. This is important because we take extra caution on proper depth and want to provide the most natural results. If previous permanent makeup was deposited too deep it will give a blocky and darker shadow, unnatural look which makes it difficult to cover up since strokes will have a hard time being visible. They won’t look natural, they will only have a shaded in affect.

If your previous tattoo is still too dark the strokes will not be able to cover a tattoo up and it will just add in more pigment on top of the current color making it even more bold and dark. This will not provide the natural results we love about microblading. Think about it as if you drew an eyebrow on paper and filled it in with a dark colored marker, then on top of that you tried to take a pen and draw hair strokes. Do you think the strokes from the pen will be visible? No!

The Shape Is Critical

Another reason pictures are needed is to see the shape. A lot of times we see that the brow shape is uneven and to recreate the perfect shape for your face is not easy when the permanent makeup is outside of the outline in which it’s supposed to be. If you are ok with the shape then we can discuss that but if it is too much of a challenge that won’t turn out well we are honest with you and may even suggest getting it removed.

Often times we see clients not wanting to get previous work they want covered removed before trying out microblading. It’s important to keep in mind that brow tattoos use different ink than microblading so we often see gray, blue, and sometimes even light purple colored brows. If you have darker skin and hair then we may be able to cover this up if light enough since a darker color would be appropriate for you and wouldn’t look unnatural. Now if you’re more blonde or fair skinned then trying to cover up blue hues may be too much of a challenge that most likely won’t work. Again, you may want to get this removed or leave it alone if you choose.

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