Due to a large number of clients who have a huge problem on their eyebrow such as turning blue or red phenomenon, scars and fail of laser removal.

We really give some advises to our customers which technique is able to apply on their eyebrows.

Especially, Microblading is would not recommend for the available recover technique be cause of your client’s skins are changed and dry and really hard on the surface. Moreover, we do not do any microblade technique on the same area.

There are some solutions for old eyebrow tattoo are:

  • SexybrowGH technique
  • Magic Sands GH

And What are they?

  • SexybrowGH is one of our exclusive technique that creates a soft, grainy and smooth hairstrokes. Giving the natural eyebrows for our clients after the treatment
  • Magic sands is a part of countour technique which look like a pencil effect on eyebrows but it do not same thing. The reason is this technique make many micro-dots and the gradient ratio which change from darken to lighten color.

n term of both techniques, They can cover and hide away the old ones client’s had.

Let’s take a look our images collected from every session.

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